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ChargePoint Coming soon!

Headed up the mountains? Is your car running low on charge? Hangtown Village Square has you covered!

Coming Spring 2019 ChargePoint Stations will be available in Hangtown Village Square!! ChargePoint stations will be located behind McDonalds to the right of Baskin Robbins. All of Hangtown Village Squares' restaurants, shops and services will be available to help you pass the time.

One of our favorite things to do while the car charges?! Grab lunch or dinner at Paco's Mexican Cuisine. A new pair of must have shoes at Sole Desire, pick up everything you forgot at home at Rite Aid and a pick-me-up espresso from Starbucks. Now you can do it all at one stop right before heading up the summit.

Plan your next trip with the ChargePoint & Hangtown Village Square

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