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About Us

We're hands-on!

And you can tell the difference!

We care about our customers.  We care about our tenants.  We care about our city, and it shows in how we manage this shopping center.




Family Owned & Operated since 1976

Steve & Judy Puthuff were born and raised in Placerville, and in 1976, they bought a stretch of land on Broadway. Their goal was to create a place that reflected the charm

of our city while giving residents and visitors alike a convenient place to shop and receive the services they need.  


Since opening Hangtown Village Square in 1980, they are still going strong with hands-on management and a professional team in place to ensure that our customers have a pleasant shopping experience and our tenants have a robust place to do business.

Fred Walker, El Dorado Building and Maintenance

He and his crew are on-site 6 days a week, from dawn til evening making sure Hangtown Village Square is in prime condition for both our customers and our business owners.


Whether he's managing a building project, refreshing the landscaping or ensuring that the premises are safe and secure, he is on-site and ready to assist in any way.

(Fred's our secret weapon!)

On Site Management

We're Beautiful &

We're Conserving

We must all do our part to conserve water and yet

it's important to us that our customers and our tenants have a

well-maintained, beautiful space to do business.  


In 2014, we installed underground irrigation and drought resistant landscaping...

and cut our water usage by over 60%!

So enjoy our flowers and landscaping guilt free!

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